Gravura Brasileira

Local Idiosyncrasy

Local Idiosyncrasy

De 31/1/2012 a 25/2/2012


"Local Idiosyncrasy"

January 31st to February 25th, 2012
2ndPortfolio Exchange

The Exchange Portfolio exhibition featured at the breitling fake watches galeria Gravura Brasileira will be focused on the locations we live in as printmakers. Specifically, their unique characteristics and quirks. Local traditions, stereotypes, and cultural traits are all factors which affect our trajectories as artists, whether they be positive, negative, or somewhere in between. In exchanging prints with individuals from cities and countries distant from our own we may see another perspective of each other`s production, and in turn, learn how to see our own home in a new lens.




Nelson Edi Hohmann


Moisés Leidens,


Izabella Zanchi,


Everly Giller,


Andréia Las


José Roberto da Silva,


Maria Lúcia de Julio


Eva Giller Parisi


Silvio Cesar De Bettio


Jenny Schmid


Abbey Kleinert


Britta Anderson


Cole Hoyer-Winfield


Joe Moore


Kate Shannon


Robyn Carley

São Paulo

Samuel Ornelas


Marcelo Heleno


Rafael Kenji


Pedro Pessoa


Cleiri Cardoso


Flávia Ferreira


Claudio Caropreso


Bruno Oliveira


Felipe Garofalo

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