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Florian Foerster - Luz - Decay and Transformation

Florian Foerster - Luz - Decay and Transformation

De 11/6/2013 a 3/8/2013




Luz — Decay and Transformation (Decadência e Transformação)
gravuras de Florian Foerster (Alemanha)
11 de junho a 03 de agosto de 2013.

temporada “Alemanha + Brasil 2013-2014”.


Luz — Decay and Transformation
The following 15 prints, from a series of 22, were made from the same copper plate between 2011 and 2013. The series plays on impressions and memories of the Jardim da Luz in São Paulo by revisiting the same printing plate, an action similar to repeatedly visiting the park and being drawn deeper and deeper into its observed and imagined atmospheres.
The 25 x 25 centimeter plate was repeatedly etched and a minimum of three proofs were printed of every stage. Each etching destroyed the plate’s previous state. As the density and layering of the print increased, the density of the plate decreased,until the plate’s almost complete disintegration. The distance between the first and the final image records the response of the copper plate to more than 80 hours of
exposure to the corrosiveness of acid baths. The prints also show how the initial image decays, but at the same time transforms into entirely new forms.
Decay and Transformation forms part of a larger, ongoing group of
works—consisting of drawings, prints, writings and paintings—investigating and re-imagining the Jardim da Luz. I began the series shortly after my first visit to the Jardim da Luz in 1996.
Florian Foerster


Solo Exhibitions
2010 Staged, Salon Su de CouCou, Berlin
2010 Sao Paulo, inside – outside – in between, Gravura Brasileira, Sao Paulo, Brasil
2010 Inside Santa Maria, Lettretage, Berlin
2009 Maria Valeria Drawings, Galerie SüdostEuropa, Berlin
2009 Bocas do Lixo, Das Labor, Berlin
2007 Nacht und Nebel, Neukoelln, Berlin
2006 Deceptions and Crossings Municipal Museum Sturovo, Slowakei.
2004 Recent Works, Tib Lane Gallery, Manchester
2004 The miraculous Mandarin Berliner Philharmonie, Berlin. Part of the Berliner
Philharmoniker Concert of Bartoks music, conducted by Pierre Boulez
2000 Recent Works, Tib Lane Gallery, Manchester
1997 Galerie Zunge, Berlin
1996 Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester
1995 Liverpool School of Architecture
1994 Goethe Institute, Manchester
1993 Skelmersdale Arts Centre

Selected Group Exhibitions
2012 Light my Fire, Salon Su de CouCou, Berlin
2012 Grafik im Dialog, Brasilianische Botschaft, Berlin
2012 Les Saltimbanques, Musee d`Art Roger Quilliot, Clermont-Ferrand, France
2012 Conversa Grafica, Museu Florestal, Sao Paulo, Brasil
2012 Sommerausstellung, Wendy Levy Gallery, Manchester
2011 Get together, KuiperDomingos, Berlin
2011 La Cabane, Haus am Lützowplatz, Berlin
2011 Caixa Umburana, Estampa 2011, Sao Paulo
2011 SaoPauloxBerlinxOxacaxcCairi, Gravura Brasileira, Sao Paulo
2011 Dialogos, Museu Florestal, Sao Paulo, Brasil
2011 Frames of References of Frames,jointly with Lara Loutrel, Godine Art Gallery,
Boston, USA
2011 International Graphics Bienale, Santos, Brasil
2010 Art Tower Berlin, International Art Fair
2009 Visuman and Friends, Das Labor , Berlin
2009 Here, there and everywhere, jointly with Lara Loutrel, Boston
2008 Nacht und Nebel, jointly with Lara Loutrel, Berlin
2007 Nacht und Nebel, jointly with Kate Price, Berlin
2006 Annual Exhibition, Schillerpalais, Berlin
2005 Newton Street Studio, Manchester,
2003 Newton Street Studio, Manchester,
1999 Manchester Academy, Prizewinner
1998 Manchester Academy, Prizewinner
1996 Manchester Academy
1995 Ainscough Gallery, Liverpool
1995 Manchester Academy, Prizewinner
1994 Hotbed Press in Liverpool and Manchester
1994 Licence to print 6 young printmakers in England, Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal

2006 June to October. Bridgeguard Residency in Sturovo, Slovakia
1992 – 2009 Since 1992 four four month long visits to Sao Paulo to paint and draw. Printmaking
residency at the Museu Lasar Segall
Workshops with the Berlin Philharmonikers Education Department
2007 Two week workshop to St. Saints Musik Karnival der Tiere with primary
school children. Concept and workshop leader.
2006 Open Day - Workshop for 3 to 10 year old children to Ravels music, Mother Goose.
Concept and workshop leader
2004 The miraculous Mandarin by Bela Bartok. Workshop leader for a one week
workshop with secondary school children.
2004 Le Jeux by Debussy. Workshop leader for a two week workshop with secondary
school children.
1994 – 97 Structural Engineering with Architecture Degree at the University of Manchester.
1990 – 93 Fine Art Printmaking, Manchester Metropolitan University and John Moores
University, Liverpool.
1989 Manchester Polytechnic, Foundation Course in Art and Design

FLORIAN FOERSTER studied printmaking at Manchester Metropolitan University and structural
engineering at Manchester University, United Kingdom. Among his solo shows are exhibitions at the
Goethe Institut (Manchester), Tib Lane Gallery (Manchester), Berliner Philharmonie (Berlin), Saloon
Su De CouCou (Berlin), and Gravura Brasileira (Sao Paulo). He was the sixth bridgeguard at the
Bridgeguard Residency in Sturovo, Slovakia, and has worked extensively in Sao Paulo, including at the
print workshop at the Museu Lasar Segall.
Foerster has won several awards at Manchester Academy exhibitions, and his work is held in private
collections in Brazil, Germany, and the United Kingdom. In addition to his career as an artist, he works
as a structural engineer for buildings and bridges.

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