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May 12 - June 18 - 2014


SP ESTAMPA is Sao Paulo’s newest "paulistan" approach to Philagraphica or the New York Print Week. SP ESTAMPA is organized by Gravura Brasileira—a gallery specialized in Brazilian printmakers, from Modern to Contemporary. The gallery was founded in Sao Paulo, in 1998 by Alberto Fuks and Eduardo Besen as the only oasis dedicated solely to fine art print in Brazil. 

For the past 15 years Gravura Brasileira showcases national and international exhibitions of both emergent and renowned artists. The gallery also publishes artist`s books and printmaking portfolios. Gravura Brasileira welcomes artists, visitors, art dealers and curators from all over the world, and maintains exchange programs with Brazilian and foreign studios and institutions. Gravura Brasileira participates in national and international art fairs such as ArtFrankfurt 2003 and 2004, and Feira Parte 2011, 2012 and 2013. In the past few years the gallery represented artists in several exhibitions in Amsterdam, Belize, Buenos Aires, Heidelberg, Paris, Cardiff, New York, Washington, Mexico City, Ciudad Juarez, Oaxaca, Berlin and Havana.

SP ESTAMPA is currently in its fourth edition that will happen in May 2014. It features a lively schedule of exhibitions, lectures, and workshops showing the vitality of Brazilian printmaking. Over 60 venues, including museums, galleries, art studios, and bookstores opened their doors to receive visitors all over the country and abroad.

The varied public—artists, collectors, curators, and students—had the unique opportunity to experience the great quality and historical importance of Brazilian printmaking and to visit several private studios where they could see artists at work. A free symposium with several specialized panels and international guests was presented to a crowded auditorium of over 100 people at the Centro Universitario Belas Artes Sao Paulo. 

The panels are: 

David de Almeida – (Portugal) - “A trip through prehistoric prints” 

Elisa Bracher – (Brazil) - “White Manner”

Miriam Tolpolar (Brazil) - "“ Lithographic Memory: rare stones from Livraria do Globo”

In October, 2013 Gravura Brasileira published an open a call for exhibitions and projects to be presented at SP Estampa. An amazing response resulted in over 60 alternative, commercial and educational venues (galleries, studios, museums, universities and art centers) presenting the most diverse views of the contemporary printmaking in Brazil. 

Gravura Brasileira selected 14 artists to exhibit on its walls, two site-specific installation and over 50 artists presenting book arts. A jury formed by artists Helena Freddi and Francisco Maringelli and Eduardo Besen, director of Gravura Brasileira selected the works to be viewed at the gallery:

Installation by Bruno Trochmann, Street posters (lambe-lambe) by Danilo Pera, prints by Claudio Caropreso, Elisa Bracher, David de Almeida, Jacques Jesion, Julia Goeldi, Artur Cavalcanti, Carla Rosane Santos, Marinês Busetti, Christiana Moraes, Luis Matuto, Maikel da Maia, Patrícia Bigarelli and Suzel Neubarth could be seen during the whole month of May/June 2014. A bookstore called “Livraria de Artistas” (Artist’s Bookstore) was created at the gallery to showcase artists` books, print portfolios, zines and art books highlighting the multiple connections between art, printmaking, text and poetry. 

Sao Paulo, a major cultural center is well known by the street arts, including large-scale fine art prints (silkscreen, linocuts, woodcut and Xerox) glued directly on the city`s walls. These manifestations of public art were incorporated in the gallery exterior walls including the gallery inside garden walls. SP Estampa extended its boundaries to neighbor cities and other states including Santos, Piracicaba, Natal and Belo Horizonte holding multiple exhibitions, lectures, and workshops. A 24-page full color catalogue was printed with schedule and detailed information of all the events.

SP ESTAMPA enables collectors, artists, scholars, educators and the public at large to learn more about printmaking techniques and its explorations as an art form. This Printmaking event creates a natural exchange among artists, venues and the public and facilitates the creation of a larger community of printmakers and print collectors. 

SP ESTAMPA group show at Gravura Brasileira is open to the public until the end of the month. To learn more about SP Estampa and Gravura Brasileira visit: and






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