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Contemporary Brazilian Printmakers

Contemporary Brazilian Printmakers

De 23/10/2007 a 30/11/2007



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Brazilian Contemporary Printmakers

Fabricio Lopez
Rain on the Sea is Desire, Sea Oh Fair Sea and Wild
woodcut and typography on paper, 198 x 264cm,
The exhibit “Contemporary Brazilian Printmakers” curated by Eduardo Besen, director of Gravura Brasileira gallery, draws a broad view of the print art being made in Brazil today, through the works of 32 artists:
Ana Elisa Dias Baptista, Andréa Tavares, Armando Sobral, Arnaldo Battaglini, Augusto Sampaio, Cláudio Caropreso, Cláudio Mubarac, Diô Viana, Elisa Bracher, Ernesto Bonato, Evandro Carlos Jardim, Fabrício Lopez, Fernando Vilela, Francisco Maringelli, Giorgia Volpe, Helena Freddi, Jacqueline Aronis, José Roberto Shwafaty, Laerte Ramos, Larissa Franco, Márcio Pannunzio, Marco Buti, Margot Delgado, Maria do Carmo Carvalho, Maria Villares, Paulo Camillo Penna, Paulo Carapunarlo, Renata Basile da Silva, Sheila Goloborotko, Simone Rebelo, Ulysses Boscolo and Walter Wagner.
The exhibition will take place in two different venues in New York City:
Pratt Institute ( and Goloborotko´s Studio ( The exhibition is listed as an official event of the New York Print Week and of the  2nd Latin American Cultural Week..
In 2008, “Contemporary Brazilian Printmakers” will be exhibited in Washington DC and in Mexico City.
A lecture on Brazilian Printmaking by artist Jacqueline Aronis will be held at Pratt Institute and a meeting with Brazilian artists Simone Rebelo, Helena Freddi, Margot Delgado, Jacqueline Aronis, Sheila Goloborotko and Maria Villares will be held at Goloborotko´s Studio.
A catalogue will be available with a text written by professors Evandro Carlos Jardim and Claudio Mubarac and reproductions of the works shown at the exhibition. The catalogue is sponsored by Stickel Foundation and Centro Universitario Belas Artes de Sao Paulo (Sao Paulo´s  School of Fine Arts).
Further information in our web site

"Contemporary Brazilian Printmakerrs" at Pratt Institute
Steuben West Gallery, Pratt Institute
200, Willoughby Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11205
Phone: (718) 636-3517
Opening Reception: Monday, October 22nd, 5-7p.m.
Exhibition: October 23 – November 03
Gallery hours: Monday-Friday 1-5p.m. or by appointment

"Contemporary Brazilian Printmakers" at Goloborotko´s Studio
68 Jay Street, Suite 209, (Entrance at 147 Front Street)
Brooklyn, NY 11201, phone: (718) 722-2772
Meet the Artists and Curator: Thursday, November 1st., 4-6 p.m.
Opening Reception: Thursday, November 1st., 6-9 p.m.
Artists: Helena Freddi, Jacqueline Aronis , Margot Delgado,
Sheila Goloborotko and Maria Villares
Curator: Eduardo Besen
Exhibition: November 1- November 30
Gallery hours: Tuesday - Thursday 10-7p.m. or by appointment

“Brazilian Printmaking”
Lecture by artist Jacqueline Aronis
Steuben West Gallery, Pratt Institute
200, Willoughby Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11205
Wednesday, October 24, 3-5p.m.

About the gallery:
Gravura Brasileira gallery was founded in 1998 by Alberto Fuks and Eduardo Besen out of their project to show modern and contemporary engraving art. The gallery collection features now over 3,000 works by artists from different countries, and it is the only place dedicated solely to print art, in Brazil.

Along its 10 years of existence Gravura Brasileira has become a center of reference, because it organizes national and international exhibitions for both young and renowned artists, as well as talks and the publication of artist books and engraving albums. The gallery welcomes artists, visitors, art dealers and curators from all around the world, and maintains exchange programs with Brazilian and foreign studios and institutions. It also holds participation in international art fairs and exhibitions.

In September 2006, a one-night portfolio presentation was held at Goloborotko´s Studio.  More than 100 prints by 30 Brazilian artists were presented to artists, curators and collectors. Donna Moran, director of Pratt Institute saw the exhibition and invited curator Eduardo Besen to organize a show at one of Pratt’s galleries in 2007. In 2008, an exhibition with American artists related to Pratt Institute will happen at Gravura Brasileira in Sao Paulo.

At that time, the same portfolio was presented to the curators of MOMA´s department of print and illustrated books.

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